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For the longest time I was convinced that fiction writing is not learnable. This may surprise you, especially if you are familiar with the North American tradition of creative writing. I, however, grew up in the land of poets and thinkers. And so I absorbed the idea that you were either inspired by the muse (or your genius) – or you were not. Hence, for an equally long time I tried to awaken my genius. But one day I realized: good art is based on craft. Why should I not be able to learn it?

A journalist had once taught me how to write press releases. I had devoted myself to photography, the magic of light and the Golden Ratio. And I began to understand how and why good design works.

What I noticed was that: all arts had something in common. They obeyed rules that could be described and applied, irrespective of whether artists wanted to admit it or not.

Impact is achieved through few, carefully chosen ingredients

So I started to read How-To-Books on writing. I found a lot of american books extremely helpful, especially when it came to understanding story structure. What also compelled me were the classic books on script writing.

I changed allegiance. Turned my back on the idea of divinely inspired texts and turned towards the “commercial” side, which in my opinion should rather be called the craft.

Why should I not write meaningful and compelling page-turners at the same time? Why literary aspiration and commercial success had to be at odds? And why should I ignore what made others successful?

Writing – my personal Hero´s journey

Finally I discovered my magical formula: the Hero´s journey. I began to understand how stories work. And why. Now I had fallen in love once and for all.

I did not want to be one of the left-behinds. I wanted to master my own Hero´s journey. And it said: Go out into the world and learn how to write. Learn from the best. In the best possible way. And then say what you have to say.

Write stories that exite you and the world

This is my aim. And I am happy to find companions along the way.

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