The Hero´s Journey – an universal story structure

The Hero´s Journey is an ancient storytelling structure that can be found all over the world. Mythologist Joseph Campbell discovered the Hero´s Journey and Christopher Vogler adopted it for Hollywood. But why should the majority of all our stories fit into one universal story template? Isn´t that terribly boring and stereotyped?

Once an author dives into storytelling structure, it won´t take long until he runs into these kinds of reproaches. But there is a very good reason why I don´t consider the Hero´s Journey a banality. In fact I truly believe that every ambitious author should at least understand its dynamic.

An universal experience pattern

At all time people have told stories. We learn from stories. Their heroes are our role models. Stories allow us to go through vicarious experiences that we would normally not encounter in our lives.

I still recall quite vividly the moment when the penny dropped. I had been studying the Hero´s Journey for