Who I am

German by birth, french by heart, living in Britain. Born in 1971.
English devel, devilish angel. Child of the Aquarian.

Before I decided more than ten years ago to become a Gestalt therapist (originally haven started my career in social work), I worked  several years in marketing and public relations. A remarkable journalist taught me all there was to know, and we had the pleasure to work with each other fruitfully for two years.

I am a scanner personality. A typical Gemini. I love to do thousand things at a time and to start continuously new projects. I detest stagnancy, gibberish and cant. I love to take photos, I travel, I garden, I paint furniture, I write, I read, I blog and I thrive and prosper.

People and stories

To me, Gestalt therapy and fictional writing are the perfect mixture. Both are about mastering crises and (re)telling stories. And what could be more exciting than fathoming the depths of the human psyche?

Story writing has been part of my life as long as I can remember. But only two years ago I decided to give it the adequate space and attention in my life.

In 2013 I moved with my husband and my two children to England. I love the old, mythic english places, and we don´t live far from Stonehenge.

I understand why in England people would write crime fiction. There is something ambiguous, morbid, archaic and at the same time passionate about this land. Even I feel sometimes seduced into some murderous fantasies, even though I am not a crime fiction lover.

Art and passion

I am fascinated by love stories and erotic literature. Couples like Henry Miller and Anais Nin inspire me. To me, the hero´s journey is one of the most genius discoveries ever. I love Harry Potter and Diana Gabaldon´s Outlander saga. And I grew up with a passionate film-making father. Visual thinking is a talent I have strongly developed.

As a mother I spend much time with my children who have the chance to grow up without school. We maintain and cherish a tradition of story telling in our family. My children love their stories in the evenings, and they already write – supported by mummy – their own little stories. The main character is mostly our beloved cat Knuddel (which our English friends like to call Knoodle). But also space ships, transformers and explosions regularly make their way into their dream worlds.